Law Of Attraction what you think

What You Think – You Receive

Have you ever noticed that no matter what, you always receive something that correlates to the way you feel? If your day starts off on the wrong foot and you are angry, by the end of the day you just feel even worse. This, what you think, reaction is the power of the law of attraction.

What You Think – Your Programming as A Child

Be Careful What You Think

If you want to incorporate the law of attraction into your , then you need to learn how to control your feelings. Think back, for a minute, and think about how you used to throw temper tantrums when you were a child. Why? Because this was your way of getting what you wanted, or for getting out of doing something. Even at a young age you were attempting to control situations by playing with emotions, those of your parents.

What You Think – As An Adult

This same concept can apply to what you think as an adult. You want to learn how to control your feelings to attract the right type of responses. So if you keep in mind that, whatever you feel you will receive, you can start to take charge of your in a better way.
You can consciously use your thoughts to direct good happening in your life. While this may sound simple, it is a little harder to actually put into place.

There will be days when you feel downright frustrated or fed up. This is when it is most important to control your feelings. Instead of allowing yourself to dwell on how frustrated you are feeling. You need to look at how you can turn this into more of a positive response.

What You Think – Being Grateful

One way to do this is by thinking about all the you are grateful for in your life. This might be your spouse, a child, your job or even your pet. Or you may just be grateful that you are alive today and healthy.

Take one of these and start challenging your energy into it. Concentrate on how grateful you are, instead of how frustrated you feel.
It can also help to make a list of all the things you are thankful and grateful for, no matter how small. Then when you are feeling down, select one and focus on it.

Or just keep reading your list over and over until your feelings start to turn into positive ones.

What You Think You Become

Remember if you start be mindful of What You Think, to think happy thoughts, you will begin start to feel happier. This is much better than feeling down and allowing these type of energy feelings to overtake you.

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