The Difference Between a Goal and a Vision

Create a Vision And a Goal

If you want to accomplish as much as you possibly can, the most important thing to get right is the vision or goal you have to begin with.  Consider what you want to achieve, and then commit to it.

Plan out the steps you must take to realize your goal, and cross off each one as you work through them, this is essentially the same as creating your vision, and having a trajectory, if you don’t, there is a good chance of not getting to your destination.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to correctly write goals and this can end up preventing them from standing any chance of success in their chosen field.

And actually, if you’re setting off to write a goal, then you’re starting out with the wrong intent to begin with.  Because ‘goals’ aren’t really as useful as visions – which is what we’re going to explore here.

The Difference Between a Goal and a Vision

So what’s the difference between a goal and a vision?  Essentially, a goal is something that you write down and that is very concrete and simple.  A goal may for example be to ‘lose 15lbs in two months’.  That’s a goal but it’s also not as effective as a vision designed to the same end.

A goal is a specific target to achieve something.  It’s the strategy and tactics you have developed to move toward your vision.  You should set and achieve goals only that promote and are in line with your vision.

This is why, if you don’t have a vision, goals alone can be defeating, without having a vision, each goal is just something you’ve completed without having a larger picture – vision in mind.

This same ambition posed as a vision rather than a goal would instead be more the idea of being in shape.  You might visualize yourself looking ripped and feeling healthy.

You might imagine yourself going for jogs on the beach with your top off in summer and feeling great about yourself.  That’s your vision.

A vision can also be an image of yourself standing in an and looking out over the world, knowing that you’re in a position of great importance and power.

Having a vision, is your why.  Vision gives something .  It’s your desired future.  Your vision includes what you believe in, values, and what you want your future to be.

It’s creates a powerful reason as to why you want to do something, your . Having a genuine passion keeps you excited and motivated.  It’s what inspires you to do whatever it is you want to do.

Having a ‘big picture’ vision concept helps you to get a picture in your mind of what you want to achieve, and what the emotion behind your goal is.

Creating A Vision To Shift Your Mindset

Why A Vision Work Better With Having A Goal In Mind

So why are visions more successful with goals?

For one, goals are not nearly flexible enough.  If you have a goal, then this gives you one thing you’re trying accomplish and only one idea of how to get there.

If it doesn’t go to plan then you have the freedom to change the steps you’re going to take to get there, or to bend them to fit your current lifestyle, and free time.

Another reason visions work better is because they have more emotional content.  When you visualize something, the same regions fire in your brain as though it was actually happening.

This in turn means that you can actually trigger the emotion as though it were happening.

And it’s this emotion we can use to motivate ourselves to go through with !

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