Why True Wealth Means More Than Just Having Money

Why True Wealth Means More Than Just Having Money

Inner peace is essential in order to find your own version of wealth. It is in itself a type of wealth. When you have peace, you will be able to navigate life’s toughest circumstances without feeling out of control. Even when times are tough, you will feel as though you are able to make it through.
What Is What Is Bullet Journaling??

What Is Bullet Journaling?

It's important always to stay as organized as you possibly can when you're dealing with journalism because literally, every word and memory is important and will need to be incorporated into your work.
Imagination Creates Knowledge

Imagination Creates Knowledge

The imagination is a gallery in which we hang pictures, both of what we have done and what we intend to do. We may not always turn these pictures into realities at once, but they are there to interest and encourage us, to come and inspire our imagination when needed.
Using Imagination To Change Your Life

Using Imagination To Change Your Life

Get up out of your chair and get moving and you will instantly become less worried and anxious about things in your life. All of us have potentially powerful imaginations. The only difference is how much we use it. When we fall into a routine it’s easy to forget about thinking creatively..
Thich Nhat Hanh

Becoming Mindful Can Improve Your Health

So there is a dichotomy being looked at; the presence and absence; either it’s there or it’s not there. You can’t be partially pregnant they say. So either there is desire in the mind or there’s not desire. There’s not partial desire because partial desire is desire.

Mindfulness Is Our Natural State Of Being

Mindfulness teaches us to be more aware of our thoughts and what we are thinking, this way we can decide, consciously, that we’re not going to let certain thoughts affect us, and then decide to make a conscious effort to refocus, to be happy and be present.
Creating The Mindset For Success

Creating The Mindset For Success

The first thing to recognize about your mindset, is that your perception and focus are what really matter in life. There is no concrete reality other than the one inside your head. That is to say, that your happiness and your sense of accomplishment has little to do with what goes on outside of your body and everything to do with the way you internalize that.
mood boosting foods

Easy To Find Mood Boosting Foods

Many scientists once thought that the foods you eat and how they can affect your moods was a far-fetched, unscientific idea, have gradually changed their minds about how foods affect your moods, and now realize that mood boosting happiness is only a few bites away.
Creating new habits

Personal Habits That Will Help Improve Your Life

It's important not to live your life on auto-pilot. Just applying a minimal amount of discipline, engaging in daily habits or rituals, will ultimately determine the quality of your life. Consistency is very important if you want to make a habit stick, so make a commitment of at least 3o days to follow through.