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As a Body Stress Release (BSR) practitioner I always like to make people aware of the simple things they can do to improve and maintain their health, apart from having regular BSR sessions. Most people stick to the advice I give them, but for a minority it seems hard to be and stay persistent and consistent. Both seem to have problems, though, when it comes to public holidays and major celebration of any sorts. Especially with icons like Christmas and Easter, where our intake of -let’s call it this way- the “less good stuff” is on the increase dramatically, we should be taking more care of our life’s vehicle, but……we just don’t want think about that for a while.

Write five things every day that you are grateful for or appreciate. Five. Every day.This is a great to do before bedtime to pave the way for a good night’s sleep. There’s no better way to end the day than by recalling the positive moments, no matter how small, instead of rehashing the stressful or -producing ones.

The secret Law Of Attraction that has now been revealed is an universal law. Universal laws cannot be changed or broken. They have been around since the dawn of creation. They apply to everything, everywhere. They are basic on which life is based.

The third main reason for my skateboarding success was the dynamic support I received. My friends cheered for me as I got closer and closer to landing on the board. My family would support me and would be there to heal my wounds with their love, and then they would push me back out there to try it again. I received all the recognition and support I needed, and through that, success was achieved in the most common of hours.

Using your intuition, and the quiet, what does your heart want next? What messages does it have for you about next steps, i.e., a call to make, or an email to send, or even to reconnect with what you were praying for in a different way. Journal about these messages you are receiving from your Intuition.

If you are not vibrating at the same frequency as the person you desire to be with your paths will never cross. Having said that, I give you the secret to having the type of relationship you are wanting. This might sound a bit odd, but if you have been trying to have a relationship, or have wanted to be asked out on a date, or maybe to have someone just show some interest in you and that is not happening then this is for sure. You have been doing all that you needed to do in order to not get what you want.

Many people have made mistakes in their lives. True, some mistakes can seem much worse than others, but remember that the past is the past. And that’s where the past should stay. Learn what you can from your mistake but then move on from it. Sometimes people won’t let you forget about a mistake you made but that is the world that they want to create.

You don’t have to be a part of their creation unless you want to. You are just as deserving as the next guy. You are an incredible human being. Everyone is! Just because you made mistakes doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve a wonderful life. Don’t let people (or you) tell you any different.

I hope some of your own questions were answered through this. There are an unlimited number of questions out there, just as many to them through the Law of Attraction. What’s your question?

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