Motivate Yourself First To Motivate Others

Easy Steps To Motivate Yourself And Others

mo·ti·va·tion – definition:

the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.”escape can be a strong motivation for travel”
synonyms: motive, motivating force, , stimulus, stimulation, inspiration, inducement, incitement, spur, reason; “his motivation was financial”

the general desire or willingness of someone to do something. “keep staff up to date and maintain interest and motivation”
synonyms: enthusiasm, drive, ambition, initiative, determination, enterprise; informal get-up-and-go “keep up the staff’s motivation”

To achieve a high level of success, you need to have a plan of action.  But having an action plan alone is not enough.  You also need to follow through your plans by taking action.

There is no point having an action plan that is just lying around if you don’t plan to do anything about it. o here are a few tips on how to motivate yourself to achieve your goals.

Firstly, set out the specific goals you want to achieve.

For example, set out a specific timeline for the development of your career.  For instance, by the age of…, or in a year…, I would like to be in this position and earn so and so salary.

The next step is you have to commit yourself to achieve that goal.  It may mean putting in the extra hours or working extra hard.  It may also mean signing up for new classes to pick up new skills necessary to achieve your goal.

Then, you also have to remember not to compare yourself with others.  This can really affect your motivation.  There will always be other people ahead of you. So you need to focus on yourself.

Focus on improving yourself too.  Then you could also review yourself.  Compare yourself now with the you in the past.  It will be such a great boost for yourself and a great motivation when you see how much you have improved.

You also need to get out of your comfort zone.  You need to face challenges.  Stop doing stuff that is routine for you. Try overcoming your fears.  If you don’t step out of your comfort zone, you will never be able to achieve the success you want.

If you are not stepping out because you are afraid of failure, start thinking of failure as feedback to improve yourself.

Next, positive support is always important.  Remember to tell your and family about your goals and what you are going to do to achieve them.  So when you are feeling demotivated, your and family will be there to pick you up and motivate you again.

Lastly, remember to make every day count.

Do something every day to take a step towards achieving your goal!

One of the most important facts about motivation is that it allows you to build your personal self-confidence.  When you have an idea or face a challenge, you will be motivated to act, and you want the of your actions to be the successful outcome of the situation.

Yes, you could ‘fail’, but you will also learn.

The Shift – Motivation by Wayne Dyer – Positive Attitude Video

Great Books To Motivate Yourself

Simple Ways To Motivate Others

Don’t just give people step-by-step advice, instead give them the ‘mental freedom’ to figure it out by themselves. When your friend is feeling down, it might be very difficult for you to motivate them.

But right now, they need you to be there for them.  So here are a few tips on how to motivate someone who needs motivation.

Be motivated yourself

You are never going to be able to motivate others if you are not motivated yourself.  So get motivated yourself before you try and motivate others.

Be kind

What your friend needs right now is someone to acknowledge their contribution and self-worth.  You need to learn to be kind to your or family. Hand out praises when warranted.

Whenever someone told you that you did a good job, didn’t that give you a surge of pride and the motivation to do better?

Well, this is the same case.  When people are treated right and their contribution are acknowledged, it’s such a motivation booster.


Keep your promises

Acknowledge contributions of others

Stay calm and cool

Treat everyone equally

Only Offer constructive criticism.

Admit your flaws

Stand your ground

If it’s not positive, don’t say it

Be enthusiastic

Explore alternative thoughts and ideas

Become a good listener

Before you start advising your friend on how to get motivated, listen to their problems first.  What is it that they are actually worried about?  Let them get it all off their chest.

Once they are done, help them to break down their problems and focus on problem-solving together to find ways that your friend can solve their problem.

Don’t judge them

If you already motivated them, and they fail, remember not to judge them.  Instead, encourage them to try again.  Persuade them.  Tell them that their failure is just a minor setback and they should treat failure as feedback for greater successes.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Keep in touch

Remember to always keep in touch with them.  Check on them to see how they are progressing.  That way, whenever your friend is feeling down and out of it, you will be right there to pick them right back up again.

When a person discovers they are capable of figuring things out by there-selves, they will discover they have more power than they previously believed.

These actions may sound simple, but they are incredibly effective ideas to motivate yourself and others.

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