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Dreams, really big dreams not the tiny ones that flow through our minds like leaves in the wind, as we sleep. No, not them. I’m not talking about the dreams that require you to buy a 500 page book or yourself to a past regression to interpret. No, not them. I’m talking about “The Law of Attraction” kind of dreams.
If you consider the things you have achieved in your and carefully analyse your mindset as you went through the process of achievement, isn’t your growth an unfolding of inner belief?

What is more interesting about the Law Of Attraction is that: the law works; whether we like it or not. It is always working. This is how we trick the universe to give us more of what we , and less of what we don’t want. That’s actually both easy and difficult.

The universe understands things in much the same way as a small child or our own subconscious mind. Which means it takes things literally. It also means it is clueless when it comes to understanding negatives.

Through breaking this down I realized that the I went through as a child is the same as it is for us as adults. As I talk about this, you will feel it to be intrinsically true, because you have it in you, it only needs to be brought into your current consciousness.

You can contemplate this for as long as you’d like. I’d recommend that you spend as long as possible on this step, however, because if you don’t spend an adequate amount of time here, you’ll find yourself coming back to it over and over and over to recalibrate after failures or worse just giving up altogether.
Situation # 1 – You see something that you long for. However, you begin to think that you will never have it. In the same instance, you speak out aloud and in a very doubtful voice, “I really want this.” The question now is, what vibration are you sending out?

Having the proper mindset and then getting clear on what you want it the first step. Sending it out to the universe in this way is how to make it happen.

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