Giving up your day job

Keeping Your Day Job While Working On Your Dreams

Before you even consider quitting your day job, figure out exactly what it is you want to do.  You need to understand what decisions are emotionally based and what is actually practical and logical. Maybe you want to become an actor,  or become a charter boat captain in the Caribbean.  Meanwhile, you’re spending your days sitting in a work cubicle or being a stay-home parent.

There’s no need to those risk-takers who drop it all to start a sheep farm in Montana or tutor kids in Africa.  Plenty of adults juggle family and business responsibilities while they write their novel at night or complete their MBA online.

Whether you take the fast track or a slower route, you can live out your dreams.

Consider these ideas for pursuing your passions without giving up your day job.

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Making the Most of Your Day Job

Keep Your Financial Security

A steady paycheck is probably the most obvious advantage to holding off on submitting your resignation. It’s easier to think clearly when your material needs are covered.  So before you quit your day job, start saving up more money than you actually think you’ll need.  It’s best to have at least 3-6 months of expenses saved and stored beyond you’ll actually need.  And put it in place that that you can’t get to, too easily

Plan your strategy

Stable employment also give you time to map out your future.  Figure out what training and networking you need to get from point A to point B.   It takes time to develop a new business.  You must work hard, be dedicated, and open minded.  Things don’t always unfold as planned.  Business and income growth will happen over time.

Maintain A Structure of Balance

Depending on your personality, a wide-open schedule could feel liberating or completely overwhelming.  Your routine may keep you prompt and punctual.  You need to keep a time-budget, a schedule, just as you are doing with your finances.

Create And Build Upon Motivation

The upside of low job satisfaction is that it could drive you to explore other career paths.  Think about what you’d rather be doing.  Set some real milestones.  Pick an idea that is viable part-time.  

Operate part time

On the other hand, you may just want to supplement a job you love.  Your passion project could remain a side venture.  An administrator or store clerk can work on weekends and evenings.  Try to use every spare moment you can gathering more information about your project.

Scale Back Your Time

Of course, if your job consumes your time and energy like a black hole, you may need to switch gears.  If you can, find balance by moving into a less demanding position. Delegate whenever possible.

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Look for areas of overlap

Whatever you do for a living, you can probably identify your favorite tasks.  Understanding your strengths at your current day job will lay a foundation for your new endeavors.

Schedule Downtime

Adding more activities into a busy week can be challenging.  Avoid by taking regular breaks, getting adequate sleep and eating heathily.

Get Yourself a Support Cocoon

Let your family and friends know what they can do to help you succeed.  Give each other encouragement and offer practical assistance to others whenever you can.

Watch your budget

Create more flexibility by living simply.  Cut back on monthly expenses like cable TV or expensive car payments.  Buy a bag of good coffee and make it at home.

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Really Do Your Research

Maybe you’ve wanted to become a stand-up comedian, or maybe you’re still searching for what you want to do.   Talk with others about their experiences and read interesting memoirs.  Dive in to a few experiments of your own before committing.

Set long and short-term goals

Stay focused by establishing clear goals.  Immediate targets will give you a for what you need to do each day.  Longer-term objectives will help you define what a meaningful life means for you.  While you’re at it, write out your plans and review them frequently.

Hang in there

You can make those  in your life, but you need to give yourself time to make them happen.  Commit yourself for the long haul.  Give yourself credit for making the effort and enjoy the journey regardless of the results.  DOn’t be afraid to fail, just learn from them.  You can still dream big while you work 9 to 5.

Turn your current position into a resource that will help you learn to love what you do and do what you love.

Creating a new business on the side while also working a traditional job isn’t easy.  You can pull it off with the right planning and support.  Not only will your business prosper, you’ll have proven to yourself that you’ve got the personal qualities and drive it takes to quit your day job

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