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Graham Hancock –  Evolutionary Perspective

Recently I was privileged to watch a presentation by Graham Hancock, author of the newly released and certain best seller Magicians of the Gods: The Forgotten Wisdom of Earth’s Lost Civilization.

Graham Hancock is continuing the of Chariots of the Gods by Erik von Daniken and more recently the Ancient Aliens series on the History Channel, but this very sober presentation has profound implications.

Graham Hancock
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First it takes on conventional historical “fact” and turns it on its head by addressing the newly discovered astrophysical and geological findings that a cataclysmic extinction event – presumably a strike by a similar to what wiped out the dinosaurs – also happened between 11-12,000 years ago, with the date probably being narrowed down to around 11,800 years.

Graham Hancock Presentation Video

Hancock goes through the very credible conventional scientific proofs in superb detail with supporting photos.

He then lines up this timeline with accounts from Plato about the abrupt disappearance of Atlantis, and makes the startling determination that the two events coincided.

He suggests that Plato’s account of the sinking of Atlantis by a cataclysmic flood, as described in mythical accounts around the world, actually occurred as a result of this comet.

What happens next is amazing – he connects this event with the sudden appearance of immense and scientifically sophisticated megalithic structures around the world, most dramatically Gobekli Tepe in Turkey and of course the pyramids of Giza and Mexico – and the Sphinx.

More recently Indonesia has been the site of controversy over the halted excavation (by archeologists jealous of geologists) of another massive ancient pyramid at Gunung Padang which Graham Hancock says can be dated for approximately the same time period–and certainly before recorded “history.”

Graham Hancock and his contention is that these megaliths were the attempts of the survivors of Atlantis to preserve their vast knowledge and he asks the most interesting question:

How is it that these megaliths appeared out of nowhere, suddenly, amid the hunter gatherer “primitive” humans of the time at the beginning of agrarian revolutions and the evolution of a technologically advanced culture, rather than at the end?

Egypt, if his findings are correct, the Sphinx and Great Pyramid preceded the great dynasties of Egyptian pharaohs, and subsequent structures were in fact less advanced. Their civilizations declined rather than advanced after the presumed appearance of the Atlanteans.

(This coincides with Gurdjieff’s suggestion that he had seen a map of pre-sand Egypt and that his teachings came from a “Lost Christianity.”)

In other , the apex of these civilizations were at their origin — they did not evolve but rather declined.

More importantly, they were the remnants of a superior and advanced civilization that was destroyed in “prehistory,” and the actual “facts” of human history are completely different from what we have been told or led to believe.

This would lead us to question all of our conditioned belief systems based on these conventional “truths” — particularly the organized religions that were loosely based on fragmentary and erroneous interpretations of flawed historical accounts and junk science.

Graham Hancock concluded his presentation with a very powerful summary and conclusion — he suggested that the demise of Atlantis came when their advanced science turned their attention outward for greater external control and material gain, and that “the universe slapped it down” with the comet.

Hancock also concluded that such astronomical events are not nearly as rare as NASA would have us believe, and that while none of the known asteroids and comets are on a collision course with Earth, we only have identified 1% of all of the threatening objects in the solar system.

He showed how twice each year the Earth crosses “the freeway” of threatening objects in June and November, and that is when the for another extinction event would be most acute.

Hancock suggested that our current advanced scientific civilization is at a similar cusp and we have a choice — to either continue the egoic manipulation and plunder of our planet for selfish goals, or to coordinate a worldwide effort to save our present civilization by rerouting any dangerous objects from their current orbits—and creating a new era of worldwide cooperation and thereby ushering in a new phase of human (collective) evolution.

This resonates deeply with one of my favorite videos by Eckhart Tolle in which he is asked about the evolutionary “purpose” of the ego.

Eckhart Tolle And The Evolutionary “Purpose” of the Ego Video

Eckhart beautifully places the development of the ego (and the human brain) within the context of an evolutionary order beyond our current comprehension. I would suggest that this infinite intelligence is sourced within the “Allness” of our universe and may have been an energetic force that slapped down Atlantis–but that is merely my own conjecture).

But this contextual aspect of the Ego (intellect) as evolutionary is conveyed in the first chapter of A New Earth where he describes the awakening (flowering) of the first lotus after millions of years of just leafy pods. Similarly, such an evolutionary awakening would now allow us as a species to transcend the intellect and harmonize our entire Being — to evolve past our egoic patterns of individualism to a global consciousness in line with the evolutionary order of Life itself–and align our own intentions as a species with the energetic impulse of the Universe.

via Graham Hancock’s Incredible Collective Evolutionary Perspective

Graham Hancock

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