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How To Get for Staying Focused on Your Sales

Why is Motivation Important?

The foundation of any good sales technique, is in making a real connection with your customers. When you focus on your customer with a positive attitude, you’re already in the winning column.

You’re winning because the only way to truly engage your customer is to make him or her your … for at least for that moment. And to do that, you must have no other thoughts competing for attention in your brain.

But what happens if you lose motivation and you’re simply unable to stay focused?

What happens if you’re finding it harder and harder to inject enthusiasm into your work and stay positive? After all, there are many things that can bring you down…family issues, fear of under-performing at work, the transmission on your car needs fixing…it all flows into  your subconscious and can turn your day into one constant worry fest.

What happens when these negative, outside influences begin keeping you from focusing on your customer?

One thing’s for sure: your motivation, performance and sales, will suffer.

Self Motivation Tips

What you need is a formula for staying focused, upbeat and optimistic at work so you can continue forging those customer connections and make your sales. Once you’ve learned the trick to staying motivated daily, you’ll have learned the to superlative success, every single day.

The number one way to kill your focus, and your sales, is to have ongoing negative thought patterns.

Those issues bringing you down and zapping your focus are causing negative thoughts. Too bad for sales people that negative thoughts are pretty much impossible to hide.

That’s because humans have evolved to be the most highly sensitive creatures on earth when it comes to sensing emotions. If you’re in sales, hopefully you’ve harnessed this sensory power and use it to capture people’s , draw them in and make a sale.

But this that allows us to meta-connect with other humans can turn on you when you’re unable to rid yourself of negativity. It will send your customers running.

Motivation Video – Don’t Be Afraid of Rejection


Need A Motivation Trick? Get a Box!

Of course we all have negative thoughts- the idea is to keep them under control in a mental box and don’t let anything trigger that box to open while you’re on the job. Stop letting external factors open that box.

You certainly can’t make the sad or angry feelings of a fight with your girlfriend or boyfriend go away, but you can do the following:

Learn to put those negative thoughts and others like them in a “box”.
Do not open the box while you’re at work.
Do not let any external events open that box.

Deal with the box so you don’t get an ulcer …but deal with it outside of work.

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