“If they control , they control food. They know it. It’s strategic.

Its more powerful than bombs. Its more powerful than guns.

This is the best way to control the populations of the world”

Vandana Shiva on Monsanto

Today in India Monsanto controls nearly all of the cotton market forcing the locals to buy its seeds that is four times higher than conventional varieties Genetically engineered crops and food products pose a threat to your health, resistance to disease, soil, and the global food supply.

The biotech industry is riddled with corruption as companies clamor to sink their claws into the marketplace first, to get their seeds into farmers’ fields ahead of the rest.

GE Scientists in India Found Guilty of Fraud and Cover Up

A group of scientists from the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) and the University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS) have been found guilty of infecting and subsequently hiding the fact that indigenously created contained a Monsanto gene1.

The variety, called BNBt, was supposed to be a cheaper alternative to the other Indian hybrids. Shortly after its release in 2009, its sales were suspended, and then hearings commenced.

Glyphosate and GMO destroy soil quality – affecting health of plants, and humans.

Monsanto in India Video


Rising suicide rate for Indian farmers blamed on GMO seeds – RT.com
Monsanto, which has just paid out $2.4 million to US farmers, settling one of many lawsuits it’s been involved in worldwide, is also facing accusations that its seeds are to blame for a spike in suicides by India farmers.

‘Monsanto uses Indian farmers to contaminate world with GMO crops …
By persuading Indian farmers to buy genetically modified organism (GMO) seeds Monsanto spreads its genetically engineered crops around the world so that no one can compete with pure non-GMO products after that, …

Monsanto’s Shares Surge As Its Drive To Force GM Crops Into India …
Monsanto’s Shares Surge As Its Drive To Force GM Crops Into India Gathers Pace. RINF and Countercurrents 4/2/2015, The 4th Media and Global Research 5/2/2015, Morning Star 10/2/2015, Counterpunch 27/3/2015

Monsanto Caused 291,000 Suicides in India | Natural Society
Did you know that Monsanto has caused almost 300000 farmers in India to commit suicide with its GMOs, chemical creations, and shameless business practices?

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