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Classic Metaphysical and Occult Books Vault

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Step 1: Right Click And Download Files

Click Here To Download Pt 1


Click Here To Download Pt 2


Click Here To Download Pt 3

Please Note: This is a large download – over 1.5 gigabytes, each part is around 500 MB

To extract the zip file you need an unzipper like WinZip. Click Here

A PDF reader – which is free from Adobe.  Click Here

And a jpg photo display =  which is free and usually installed on every computer

If you need help e-mail me at [papertemplate-email].

Step 2: Add Yourself To The Update Mailing

[papertemplate-button]Register Here[/papertemplate-button]

Step 3: Take the Next Step

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The Closely Guarded Of Nikola Tesla

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If you have any problems downloading, don’t panic. Get in touch with us and we will fix it for you


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