Gregg Braden - Deep truth - Divine Matrix - Human emotions can change DNA

Gregg Braden – Human emotions can change DNA

Is it possible that the entire universe operates as a big computer, with a code that makes whatever is possible, possible? Or, perhaps even more bizarre, he wondered if a form of cosmic computing machinery is continually creating the universe and everything in it. In other words, are we living a virtual reality running on a really big computer made of quantum energy itself?
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The Extended Mind – Mind Beyond the Brain Rupert Sheldrake

People believe in the “evil eye” in Southern Europe, the Arab world, Turkey, Greece, India, and many other parts of the world. Many people try to protect themselves against such looks with amulets or special prayers. These beliefs also were common in England until the seventeenth century, when skepticism suppressed such thoughts, but in Greece, as mentioned before, this belief is still very common.