52 Mondays

52 Mondays

Chapter 1 – Monday Is Not Doomsday

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Doomsday implies the end, disaster.  Yet research shows that many of us do our best work on a Monday.  And most of us seem to do our most productive work .

What that implies is that, at least subconsciously, we already know what to do. And many of you are getting it done.

What happens is that we break our consistency pattern.  Especially over the weekend.

The Law of Consistency is a Universal pattern which keeps everything functioning.  Thank you Sun, thank you .

Don’t just try to do a better job at work, keep ‘’, keep motivating, yourself to become better as a person.  Consistency means consciously directing your energy in a steady, dependable way.

Obviously there are certain things you do that require different levels of energy.
Budget accordingly so you do not suffer a burn-out.

Today, and your future, depends upon you not becoming stagnate.

This will offer you a future filled with many possibilities.

within a group? Embrace the consistency spirit and do your part.

Tip: On Sunday evening, make a of three things you can look forward to in the week ahead.  If you can’t think of at least three things to perk you up, don’t let it become ‘one of those weeks’, make some conscious adjustments right then and there.

“You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself.”

Alan Watts

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