March 2014

Millions of Americans Are Being Poisoned by Their Own Dental Fillings

In other words, how much mercury are Americans getting from their fillings, and how much mercury equals too much? According to the FDA, Americans are not getting too much mercury from their fillings, and according to the petitioners — and the 2011 study — they are. Love, the petitioners’ lawyer, feels, “It’s beyond debate based on the weight of the evidence that

Major Health Conspiracy Theories That Are Real

Yes there are quite a few ‘crazy’ theories, but the fact also is that much of science has been hijacked by corporations with their own agenda, meaning they also put out their own ‘science’. Try finding a corporate study of GMO’s over 90 days. The fact is they cut the studies off there because it take time to develop the problems associated with GMO foods. I’m not against GMO’s per say, but the way Monsanto has gone about it, well, it’s

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