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Gregg Braden – Human emotions can change DNA

Is it possible that the entire universe operates as a big computer, with a code that makes whatever is possible, possible? Or, perhaps even more bizarre, he wondered if a form of cosmic computing machinery is continually creating the universe and everything in it. In other words, are we living a virtual reality running on a really big computer made of quantum energy itself?

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Bees Suffer Dementia Due to Metal Pollution: Aluminium Contamination May Be Behind Insect Decline

Aluminium is a known neurotoxin affecting behaviour in animal models of aluminium intoxication. Bees, of course, rely heavily on cognitive function in their everyday behaviour and these data raise the intriguing spectre that aluminium-induced cognitive dysfunction may play a role in their population decline – are we looking at bees with Alzheimer’s disease?’.

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Behind Bilderberg, Trilateral: the Globalists have a major problem

There is one extremely radical solution I haven’t mentioned. You could call it depopulation-repopulation. Via some vast plan, the numbers of people on Earth would be enormously reduced—and then over, say, the next hundred years or so, those numbers would be built up again with humans who, in some Brave New World fashion, are conditioned/programmed to be avid workers and consumers, who would be paid far more than a subsistence wage.

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What Buddha Taught & What We Can Learn From It

… Changing does not mean illusion, just as death does not mean the end of you. A large part of the appeal of Buddhism for an increasing number of people today is its practicality, as it has a relative lack of extraneous philosophical fluff to sort through. Buddhism focuses on practical truths that we can use and which make immediate sense. One of the key teachings of the Buddha is that the origin of suffering (dukkha) lies in desire or grasping (tanha, which means literally “thirst”). The …

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15 ‘Brave New World’ Secrets Finally Exposed

… SEVERAL UNIMAGINATIVELY TITLED TELEVISION EPISODES. Looking for an easy title for an episode of TV? Huxley wrote your book. The title “Brave New World” has been applied to a number of popular series’ individual television episodes, with varying degrees of thematic appropriateness. Shows to use the phrase at one point or another include seaQuest 2032, Boy Meets World (for its series finale), One Tree Hill, Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes, The Vampire Diaries, and Fringe. via: 15 Things You …

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When The Current Housing Bubble Finally Bursts Will You Be Left Standing

… is much more than just the relatively few number of individuals, as compared to the total population, that are actively seeking to buy, rent or sell a home each month. To understand what is happening in terms of “housing,” we must analyze the “housing market” as a whole rather than what is just happening at the fringes. For this analysis, we can use the data published by the U.S. Census Bureau which can be found here. Total Housing Units In an economy that is roughly 70% …

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Altered Genes Twisted Truth – The Real Dangers Of GMO’s

Not only are GMOs NOT GRAS, but, Druker learned that FDA administrators overruled their own scientific experts in declaring them GRAS. The FDA declared that GMOs should be treated as though they were no different from new plant varieties created by traditional methods, when in fact the FDA decision-makers have known all along that it is not true.

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The Extended Mind – Mind Beyond the Brain Rupert Sheldrake

People believe in the “evil eye” in Southern Europe, the Arab world, Turkey, Greece, India, and many other parts of the world. Many people try to protect themselves against such looks with amulets or special prayers. These beliefs also were common in England until the seventeenth century, when skepticism suppressed such thoughts, but in Greece, as mentioned before, this belief is still very common.

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Quick Ways to Soothe Dry Eyes and Protect Your Eyesight

Dry Eyes are a condition due to the reduction in superb as well as quantity of tears. Typical signs consist of: pain from eye, irritability, a sandy or gritty experience, minimized endurance to speak to lenses, as well as level of sensitivity to light. In early stages, the symptoms may appear to appear and also go away, but usually intensify as the day proceeds.

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4 Reasons You Should Meditate

However you learn to meditate, you must learn to concentrate on one thing at a time. Usually, the mind tries to hold several different thoughts and ideas at once. When you sit down to meditate for the first time, you realize how cluttered the mind is. Mediation teachers have described the mind as a “mad monkey”. However, the mind can be tamed and forced to concentrate on a single thought.

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