Life Clearing: Getting Rid Of Unneeded Possessions

Life Clearing: Getting Rid Of Unneeded Possessions

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Life Clearing: Getting Rid Of Accumulated Possessions

Yes, it can be tough to let go of our possessions.  Many of them carry a sentimental value that rings our emotional bell.  Getting rid of things you haven’t even looked at for years seems like you are getting rid of the memories.  But your memories are within you and won’t be totally eliminated by removing your unwanted items.

In fact, a way to improve your memory and spiritual life, is to consciously remember things, but not carry any negative emotions that may arise with certain memories.  This can be a powerful exercise when practiced consciously. You will be cleaning out un-needed mental possessions.

Life Clearing: Could You Learn To Be Happy With Less Possessions?

To get back to getting rid of physical possessions and stuff you have just been hanging on to, keep in mind that ‘stuff’ has a way of tying us down, instead of freeing us.   When you begin to bring yourself to get rid of unneeded items, you are taking important steps to make your life simpler.  You can free up physical space which in turn can help free up your mind.  But, determining which items should be removed can be very difficult for most people.


When you start going through your stored away items, consider each item individually.  When was the last time you used the item?  If you answered more than a year ago, this is a prime candidate for removal.  Do this one box at a time so that you don’t feel overwhelmed emotionally.

Once you’ve identified certain items for removal, the next step is to determine if they should be trashed, or if they have some value that others could put to use.  Old clothes with stains or holes should probably be thrown out.  The stuff that you believe that may have value to someone else can either be sold or given away.  Just use your friend, the internet.

If you are struggling with getting rid of certain stuff that you have identified as not being used for over a year, set up a box for those items and place them in there.  If, after another six months you have still not needed to access them, you should strongly consider that these are items are things that you can remove from your life.

Really consider getting rid of knick knack type stuff.  If there are certain knick-knacks you feel you really must keep, consider putting them away, instead of letting them clutter up your counter tops.  By reducing the number of visible unneeded items, this is an important way to reduce distractions and at the same time encouraging you to the idea of getting rid of uneeded possessions.

Pictures are another things though.  Generally they don’t take up to much space, and they can be historical items, even if they only have relevance to your family heritage.

If you enough stuff and have decided to try selling items, you can consider setting up a yard sale.  If you want to encourage more people to come to your garage or yard sale, speak to your neighbors, and set up a multi-family yard sale which can bring in a lot more traffic than if you were to do it as a person single yard sale.

Another option is to sell your items online using eBay, or Craigslist.  In fact, these websites will tend to get you more money than trying to sell at yard sales.  Be careful though, there have been incidents when sellers got robbed because the transactions happened in secluded areas.  Make sure you meet any buyers in a busy place.

If you have antiques or more financially valuable possessions, you could reach out to estate sale managers.  Even though your items aren’t considered as part of an estate sale itself, these managers are accustomed to selling merchandise and may make you a decent offer or offer some professional advice.

Life Clearing: Learning To Be Happy With Less Possessions Video

Life Clearing: Try A 30 Day Experiment

Now that you’ve started to get rid of of unneeded stuff, consider buying less ‘stuff’ in the first place.  For the next 30 days only purchase the things that you really need.

What I mean is to only purchase those essentials needed for living, such as food – and minimize junk foods, toilet paper, gas for you vehicle, etc.  If something you use regularly breaks down, that is an OK purchase.  But also consider if it can be repaired.

For many people, this may seem extreme or radical, but it will actually show you how much money you waste by accumulating meaningless stuff you don’t really need and that doesn’t bring you actual happiness.  When you see something you want, not need, instead of buying it right then, put it down, go home and think about it. Don’t think about how much money you will save if it is on sale, only consider, ‘do I really need this?’

By waiting, you are creating a boundary, a period of time between wanting something – impulse buying, and will most likely cut down on the amount of stuff you collect that you don’t really need.  As a bonus, you’re saving money, by not purchasing those things that you will likely get rid of down the road.

There have been studies that have shown that putting your money towards creative hobbies and having experiences – such as travelling, is more likely to bring deeper happiness and contentment to a person than money spent on buying stuff.

Life Clearing: Opening Up Your Mind to New Possibilities

Do what is possible, embrace change, unclutter your life, it’s the decisions you make, or don’t act on, that determine the direction of your life.  Getting rid of unneeded possessions means that there are fewer things you need to carry around, both physically and mentally.


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